Bunk bed sheets are perfect for parents, travelers and busy professionals like us.  Bunk beds are space friendly and affordable. Choosing the right bed sheets for our needs will surely bring more comfort not just for our kids but also… Continue reading

Cool dog beds come in different sizes, designs and types. When choosing the right bed for our pets, it is important to know their needs according to their breed and behavior.


Choosing the ideal bed

Dogs are like humans… Continue reading

Bunk Bed Plans with Stairs are the answers for parents like us who are on a tight budget wanting to give fun and comfortable bed to our kids. Kids love to go up and down the bed so instead of… Continue reading

Invacare hospital bed brought our home care to the next level and added more comfort to the patient and ease to the caregiver. Other than convenience, this type of bed also provides more safety to senior old members or the… Continue reading

Bunk Bed Tent has a wide selection of cool designs and colors to satisfy our kids’ wants for their beds. A bunk bed with tent can be bought for our boy or girl sharing one room during their early years… Continue reading

Rubber bed sheets are custom-made sleeping covers that work like magic for minor problems, like bed wetting. Dealing with a child who constantly wet his or her bed at night is a stressful challenge for most parents. My mother used… Continue reading

There are so many wonderful reasons why a lot of people favor low profile bed frame over other choices. I guess, aside from being a space-saver (because this type of frame is very compact and sleek), platform beds have that… Continue reading

Contemporary black canopy bed is often viewed as a piece of decoration. They are commonly associated with romance, class and style. This type of bed can be traced back to the medieval century. And opposing to popular belief, canopy beds… Continue reading

Without proper bed rails for kids, the little fellow might slip off the bed and painfully wake him up from his deep sleep. Young kids who just moved from a safe crib to a regular bed are vulnerable to fall… Continue reading

Compact wall-beds or commercially known as murphy beds Ikea are ideal for small-spaced apartments. Have you ever seen a secret bed that can be pulled down at night? Then be gone in the morning? That’s exactly how the Murphy beds… Continue reading

Stuff Strewn All Over the Place

When my world seemed to be at its unruliest, the captain s bed instantly became my ultimate solution. My mother would always scold me whenever she’d go into my room. Seeing all of my… Continue reading

Home Renovation

I have always loved shopping for home fixtures and my recent favorite piece is the full size canopy bed. Recently, I’ve finally come down to settle to my new own house. I’ve been saving up for my dream… Continue reading